Our Estate

At Penny’s Hill, we are committed to growing outstanding fruit across our vineyard sites to deliver the finest wines possible.

Our Penny’s Hill wines reflect the site upon which the vines are planted. Winemaker, Alexia Roberts, works closely with our viticulturist to maximise fruit quality and vine health.

Our team spends a lot of time in the vineyards; walking, observing and tasting fruit to ensure optimum flavour, balance and ripeness at harvest time.

Each fruit parcel is harvested separately, in small batches individually nurtured throughout the entire winemaking process.

Close proximity of our vineyards to the winery ensures we are able to select and hand-pick particular parcels of fruit for our “small batch” approach to winemaking, allowing for more options at final blending.

At each step of the winemaking process our wines are gently guided to bring out ultimate balance of texture, complexity and interest.

We find that our Malpas Road and Goss Corner vineyards, grown on black Bay of Biscay clay, produce wines that are rich and luscious with a soft, round finish.

The Penny’s Hill vineyard, on sandy loam over clay, produces wines with a perfumed bouquet and a high level of fruit intensity and fine tannin structure.

All red wines matured in the finest French oak barrels, are barrel-selected prior to blending.

Optimum quality vineyards located in the nearby Adelaide Hills allow Alexia Roberts to craft fresh, vibrant, balanced white wines of aromatic intensity and regional expression.

Penny’s Hill are proud members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, a sustainability program which minimises environmental impacts and encourages best viticultural practices.

Our Vineyards

At Penny’s Hill, an unwavering commitment to growing outstanding fruit ensures the finest red wines possible from our three McLaren Vale estate vineyard sites.

McLaren Vale

Dating back to 1838, McLaren Vale was one of the first areas in South Australia planted to vines. The region enjoys a true Mediterranean climate experiencing winter dominant rainfall and warm, dry summers tempered by the proximity to the waters of Gulf St Vincent. A long summer-autumn ripening period ensures outstanding fruit ripeness, richness and balance, and over region’s history, wines of impressive character and value.


On the foothills east of McLaren Vale, the original narrow-planted Penny’s Hill Vineyard produces lower yields of high quality Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache fruit to make wines with texture, complexity and interest.

Slightly cooler than the valley floor, the site experiences even ripening temperatures and by precise canopy management, produces fruit of a quality which ranks it among the districts best.

Total area: 17.8h (44 acres).

Vines planted: 1991 – 1996


Just over the old stone wall to the south of the cellars, the Goss Corner Vineyard established in 1996 gave up more than a century of stooked golden hay for a conventional vineyard layout comprising Shiraz, Merlot and Viognier.

Total area: 9.7ha (24 acres).

Vines planted: 1996


Malpas Road Vineyard with its flat cracking-black Bay of Biscay soils produces consistently high quality, even yielding Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Total area: 15h (37 acres).

Vines planted: 1991-1993

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